• A breathtaking View of Provence

    It is all about herbs, forgotten vegetables, respectful raising of animals and the feeling for producing the best. Edouard Loubet has a very focused manner of cooking. He doesn’t play with thousands of ingredients.

    He is just able to show you the real taste of a real natural product. Sometimes you’ll think it sounds strange, or you never heard about it before, but trust him, most of the time you’ll be delighted by ingredients you thought you would never like or liked before.

    I myself, hate eucalyptus – but Edouard is creating a eucalyptus icecream with slices of grapefruit which is just to die for. And believe me, I would still never eat eucalyptus anywhere else. I still hate it. Maybe it’s because I’m so indulged by the beautiful setting and one of the most beautiful sunset views I've ever seen. Maybe it is just because of Edouard's enormous talent. So if you go the first time to his 2 Star Michelin restaurant, go for the big tasting menu. That’s definitely an experience… but please arrive hungry ;)

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