• Dear Dogs and Fellow Animals Heading to the UK

    Traveling with animals is easy with AirGO!

    Dear friends,

    There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling to the United Kingdom with your four-legged companion. We highlight them below, but rest assured that AirGO will assist you step-by-step to guarantee an easy and safe journey.

    You only need to worry about the fees collected by the authorities, as AirGO is happy to say that we will not charge you any extra fees for traveling with your best friend.

    It is important to note that not all airports in the United Kingdom are certified to accept traveling animals arriving from outside of the U.K. For you reference please see our list below of all airports where AirGO is permitted to bring animals into the U.K.

    The following papers are necessary, and AirGO is happy to assist you with all of these travel arrangements:

    - a valid animal passport
    - animals need to be treated for tapeworm 1-5 days before expected arrival into
      the U.K. This needs to be done by a vet abroad and stamped in the passport
    - animals need to be approved in writing before their actual arrival

    And rest assured we know what we are doing..more than 200 animals have taking a flight with us!

    Please feel free to contact us anytime via

    sales@airgo.de or call us +49 6131 540 63 0



    Airport ICAO Identifier Remark

    Biggin Hill Airport, London, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    Farnborough Airport, Farnborough, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    Stansted Airport, London, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    Edinburgh Airport, Edinburgh, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    London Oxford Airport, Oxford, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    Manchester Airport, Manchester, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    Blackpool Airport, Blackpool, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    Leeds Bradford Airport, Leeds Bradford, U.K.



    Cambridge International Airport, Cambridge, U.K.


    Max 5 pets

    London Ashford Aiport, Lydd, U.K.

    John Lennon Aiport, Liveerpool, U.K EGGP  
    Gloucestershire Aiport, Glocestershire, U.K EGBJ Max 2 pets
    Bristol Airport, Gloucestershire, U.K EGGD