• A Wine Treasure in Tuscany

    Traveling in Tuscany is already a beautiful experience. But coming to Montalcino and enjoying these fantastic wines is the cherry on top.

    The CdB Winery gives you all their best: there own very balanced an tasteful wines, the possibility of visiting, and ofcourse tasting with the professional guides of CdB, and last but not least enjoying these wonderful wines during a candlelit dinner right inside the impressive members wine cellar.

    Your villa or suite is only a stone's throw away. If you are looking for a good reason to come back as soon as possible, you may want to join the CdB Wine Club that gives you the opportunity to store your personal wine in the CdB cellar with many other additional advantages.

    Flying with AirGO, we’ll be happy to introduce you to one of the most exclusive wine clubs in the world.