Charming, Funny and Professional

It was literally the best food we ever had on a private plane. Also, I don't know where you get your pilots but they are unfailingly charming, funny but also professional.


Let it Snow!

This weekend, the snow is fresh, the sun is shinning. Let’s take the Piaggio and go to Courchevel


Franz Keller

I Do It My Way

That is what I associate with Franz Keller. He just says: "The Best of the Simple." One of the first Michelin Star chefs going for the simple things in life ... but only at the highest quality.


Bastide de Capelongue

A breathtaking View of Provence

It is all about herbs, forgotten vegetables, respectful raising of animals and the feeling for producing the best. Edouard Loubet has a very focused manner of cooking. He doesn’t play with thousands of ingredients.


Castiglion del Bosco Hotel & Villas

Impressions of Tuscany

"One of the oldest and best-preserved estates in Tuscany, Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, is a celebration of Italian heritage and natural beauty"... this is the introduction given by the hotel.


On board

AirGO Wine Selection

Several times per year, AirGO orders wine and we always choose from a select, appropriate wine range. We might be out of stock at times of a specific wine - but you can see that there will be always a very nice selection onboard.

Spotlight Food

Pasteis de Belem. A Little Pastry and its Secret

It's a secret for almost 180 years - and there are only three men in the world, who know it. You'll never trick them into revealing it. But if you visit them in Belem (Lisboa), you can smell and taste it.


Castiglion del Bosco Winery

A Wine Treasure in Tuscany

Traveling in Tuscany is already a beautiful experience. But coming to Montalcino and enjoying these fantastic wines is the cherry on top.