Praetor 600

Introducing the new Praetor 600 – the world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced super-midsize business jet.

From class-leading cabin comfort, including best-in-class cabin altitude to more destinations with best-in-class range and enviable performance in challenging airports, the Praetor 600 truly expands your journey and delivers the utmost value.

In this commanding intercontinental aircraft, fly to far-away destinations, from London to New York, São Paulo to Miami, or Dubai to London, non-stop. In fact, this is the only super-midsize jet that consistently delivers the London to New York flight missions.

The perfect union of performance, comfort and technology make the Praetor 600 the most disruptive business jet in existence.


During the flight the ultra-quiet, 1,83 m tall and 2,08 m wide, flat-floor 
cabin is perfect for conversation, resting, or working. With best-in-class 
cabin altitude of 5,800 feet, you will arrive feeling fresh and rested. Converted to 4 full flat beds you can reach your destination just while dreaming. The special turbulence-reduction feature will take care of a 
smooth ride.


The Praetor 600 can fly its maximum range of 4,018 nm (7.440 km) with a 
maximum endurance of nearly 9 hours from a 4,800-foot runway and can 
operate from a runway as short as 3,000 feet. With a Praetor 600, you can 
consistently cross the ocean and easily connect Europe with North America, 
non-stop. Fly from London to New York or Dubai, continue non-stop to 
Hong Kong. A straight shot for just a part of the investment cost.
No need for an investment in a heavy jet for long range due to fuel-efficient 
engines and fine-tuned aerodynamics. That makes the Praetor 600 the 
greenest business jet and a real game changer.

Smart & Safe

A safer, smoother flight experience. The Praetor 600 is equipped with
full fly-by-wire for active turbulence reduction. Passionate in the quest to disrupt the status quo, Embraer is the only manufacturer to offer this 
technology in the super-midsize class. Dark and quiet philosophy and 
Clean cockpit with human-factors-driven design as well as loads of 
state-of-the-art equipment like auto throttle, Synthetic Vision System (SVS), 
VNAV, RNP 0.3, WAAS LPV, Graphical flight planning, MultiScanTM 
Weather Radar, Surface Management System complete the offer. 
This perfect union of performance, comfort, and technology make the 
Embraer Praetor 600 the most disruptive business jet in existence.


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